Guiding the Provisioned Policyholder

  1. Inform the policyholder that you have just sent the SMS (text message), link and they can find with their text messages. This method will not incur data charges nor require a data plan. (see more below).
  2. Have them open the text message and select Open Link.
  3. The link will open a simple page showing the rooms to document.

  4. They can take these photos while on the phone waiting for the claim details to be finalized. To do so just tap on a room. 
  5. The phone camera will open. Instruct them to take photos from left to right for the room they selected as well as the loss.
  6. After each photo they choose Discard or Save, and then Done or Add Photo, to either finish with the room or to add more photos for the room. 

  7. When they are finished they can simply close the app. (Press Home/Close).
  8. You will see the photos as they are taken and can direct the policyholder as needed

Watch the 1 min sample Provisioned Policyholder video.

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