Encircle Overview - Link

Link is a powerful feature in Encircle that creates a direct connection between a third party's smartphone and the Encircle Platform, enabling real-time photo gathering, without requiring the user to download an app. 

Learn how this simple to use feature will help you improve resource efficiency, reduce liabilities and improve the overall experience for the customer.

Link from mobile

Link from Web

To provision the policyholder to assist by taking a few photos on a smartphone the following fields will be required:

  • Policyholder Name
  • Policyholder Email
  • Policyholder Phone Number (smartphone)
  1. Select Provision Policyholder check box.
  2. Select the best method for the policyholder link.

  3. Select Take Exterior Photos, to add to the list of required photos.

  4. Enter the Rooms you want to policyholder to photograph.

  5. Press Save Claim. 

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