Introducing Moisture Tracking & Measurement - Sept 29, 2016

Product Update: Moisture Tracking & Measurement

With the addition of Moisture Tracking and Measurement, Encircle offers important new functionality to report and track water related damage.  With Encircle, readings and measurements can be captured quickly and easily and shared in real time with insurance carriers and homeowners.  Key features include:

       Simple to Use, Easy to get Started. Purpose built for the field and use on mobile devices, Moisture Tracking and Measurement leverages the same intuitive user interface design used throughout the platform. Immediately available free of charge to existing customers, users can start using the solution right away.

       Fast and Accurate Measurement.  The application allows for the tracking of moisture levels for air, walls, floors and ceiling.  It also allows for tracking of the effectiveness of dehumidifiers.  This ensures both accuracy and completeness so that a reading is never missed.

       Real Time Reporting and Collaboration.  All readings and measurements include visual indicators and trends that are shared in real time with all stakeholders.  Delays between reading and reporting and additional administration time is eliminated with all information shared on location as measurements and readings are taken.


Quick Start Guide - Moisture Mapping

Quick Start Guide - Psychrometrics

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