Introducing the next version of Sketch - July 29, 2016

Introducing the next version of Sketch

One of the most powerful attributes of Encircle is the ability for people who work in the field to quickly replace existing paper based processes with an enhanced digital workflow. A critical component is being able to draw on your smartphone as easily as you can with paper. To solve that problem, we released Sketch in April 2016 to make it easy for contractors and adjusters to quickly create floor plans, document flooding or any number of common drawing tasks.

Based on significant customer feedback, we are excited to launch the next version of Sketch with several enhancements to make it even easier to draw on your smartphone.

Making it Smarter — New Drawing Too

Sketch Drawing Tools

In our latest release of Sketch, we support three new drawing tools:

  • Measure — now you can easily add measurements to walls.
  • Arrows — full support for drawing arrows on your sketch.
  • 3D Room — support for three dimensional drawings to capture photos of specific areas of walls, show openings, and even draw the ceiling!

Making it Easier — Improved User Interface

One of the most important things we focus on in building the product is that it remains incredibly intuitive and simple to use. We worked hard to understand how we could make this latest version even easier to get started using Sketch. We have completely redesigned our tool screens to make it easier to choose the right tool and to customize its options. We have also made it easier to undo and redo any action that will make using an eraser on paper seem clunky!

I hope you’ll spend some time checking out the latest version of Sketch and sending us your feedback so we can continue to build on it and improve. Our commitment to you is to build a product that finds new ways to simplify your existing processes — offering you a solution that is easy, fast and delivers smart results. I hope you enjoy your experience with Sketch!

Learn more about Sketch in our Quick Start Guide

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