Taking photos with the camera

When the camera app opens, do the following to take a photo:

1. Press the Camera Button to take the photo.   

2. Press Add to take next overview photo.

3. Press Done when finished.

Camera Functions

1. Back
Back to previous screen
2. Gallery
Select a photo from the device or file instead of the camera
3. Flash Mode
Off, Auto, On , Torch
4. Camera Button
Takes the Photo
5. Camera Select
Switch from front camera to back camera
6. Zoom
Digital zoom of the camera

Take Better Pictures

Blurry Photo
Try cleaning the camera lens and press Retake
Hold camera steady before pressing the Camera Button
Waiting for device to finish focusing
Dark Photo
Turn on Lights, find a different angle to shoot from
(Ideally try to capture floor to ceiling, taking several shots from left to right, creating a panoramic view)

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