Adding an Exterior Photo

Adding an Exterior Photo

You can add overview photos to a room. A room labeled Exterior is already setup.

1. Click on  Exterior to open that room.

2. You'll now see the the main page for this  Room.

3. Press the  Photo Tab to take a overview photo of the room, (or in this case the elevation),  Press it a second time to open the camera (click for help on camera settings).

The upper section is for documenting Structure and the lower section for Items.

4. Snap a "landscape" shot of the front elevation by pressing the  Camera Button.

Next add a Photo Note of a pre-existing condition.

The above Tabs provide the following functions:

Photos: Take overview photos of the room.

Videos: Take overview videos and updates of the room.

Notes: Create text and Photo Notes to cover pre-existing conditions and updates.

Sketches: Make fast dimensional drawings, equipment  & location based photos & annotate photos

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