Basics: The Encircle Inbox

After you login to the Encircle Mobile App, you'll see the  Inbox. Here you can search for and open existing files, create new files, and access the sidebar menu.

Next to each file, you'll see a coloured circle. These circles are used to visually indicate the status of each file. 

hades of purple are used to identify files that have had changes made to them since you last viewed them. The darker the shade of purple, the more changes that have been made. Here’s a breakdown of what the colours mean:

Orange Circle: File has been shared with you but you have not accepted or viewed it yet 

White Circle: No changes have been made to the file since you last viewed it 

Light Purple Circle: A small number of changes have been made 

Medium Purple Circle: A fair amount of changes have been made 

Dark Purple: Several changes have been made Tapping on an item will open it.

Long press (hold) will open an alternate menu with quick options.

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