Downloading the Encircle App

Applies to Claims, Inspections and InventoryPro

For corporate users the following steps apply:

Quick Start PDF guide

  1. Go to the email sent from your account administrator.
  2. Click on the link to accept the Invitation.
  3. Select your device type.
  4. Select the method to access the app on the mobile store (if applicable).
  5. Press Install and Press Accept the installation requirements.
  6. Press Log In
  7. Enter your email address and password if prompted.

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For single users follow the steps below:

Downloadable PDF Guide

1. Download the app from one of the links below: ( you may have to copy and send to your mobile device).

       Google Play

       Apple App Store


2. Press  Sign Up to create a free account.

3. Next: Basics for Mobile Users.

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