Understanding the Claims Page

The Claims page is made up of 2 main sections each with sub sections:

Upper Section

  1. Claim details and summary
    Contains all of the basic claim information and summary of values
  2. Policyholders
    You can provision a policyholder to to assist with documenting as well as share the claim file with them.
  3. Adjusters/Contractors
    You can add as many contractors and key stakeholders to the file for viewing and assisting.
  4. Documents
    Here you can create, view and upload various file types of forms, agreements and images documents such as a scanned document.
  5. Photos & Video Exports
    This area helps allows the creation and easy access of selected media content from the claim file. Useful for exporting to legacy systems or for providing limited access to specific media. 

Lower Section

The Lower section contains three tab for different views and functions: Spreadsheet, Rooms and Boxes and Locations.

Spreadsheet view

Containing the structure of the property with a section for each room

Each room can contain the following assets:

  1. Photos
  2. Videos
  3. Photo Notes and Text Notes
  4. Sketches
  5. Spreadsheet of Items


Containing the structure and contents of the property primarily with a photo based view.


Boxes and Locations

Containing Contents Packout status.

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