How to Send Link After the Claim is Setup

To send Link from Web

Link from Encircle can be sent to a policyholder at different points in the workflow, either during the claim setup after or any time during the claim process.

To send Link after the claim is set up, (an existing claim), do the following:

  1. From the Link section click Add.
  2. Enter the policyholder email or mobile phone, depending on which method you will use to send the link.
  3. Select the Link Delivery Medium to send the link either by email or text message.
  4. Select the Room you want the policyholder to photograph.
  5. Click Add to select and send documents for review and signature. Note the documents must be created prior to this step.
  6. Click Create. 

See the related articles below for further assistance with guiding the policyholder to take photos and sign documents.

Downloadable Guide: Helping the policyholder through Link

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