How to merge jobs

There are a number of scenarios where two claims are created within Encircle for a single job.  This article will show you how to merge these files together so that you don't inadvertently get charged for both of them.

Important: You must have Claim Administrator permissions to merge claims within your organization.

When you are not a claim administrator you simply won't see the Merge Claims button as outlined in the instructions below.

Step 1: Open up the web app on your desktop.

In our case, we have a claim that was created by our office staff (proper ID and policyholder name in the correct spot) while the field team also created their own claim with just the policyholder name as the ID.

Step 2: Locate the claim that will be "gone" when you are finished merging the claims and click Merge Claim.

So, we open up the claim with "Rick Martins" as the Claim ID.

Step 3: Locate the claim that we want to merge into and select it.  

The dialog shows that the original claim we opened will be merged into the claim we just selected.

Step 4: Click Merge.

The app will automatically merge the two claims together and load the newly merged claim for you!

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