How to set up moisture meters

If your organization is using Encircle to help manage and tracking moisture mitigation activities on a claim, one way to further improve the efficiency of your team is to set up your moisture meters for the entire organization.  This allows field staff the ability to simply select the appropriate moisture meter from a drop-down list rather than having to type in the details for each moisture meter on each job.

You only need to set up your moisture meters once and they will be used across all of the users within your organization.  Let's get started!

1. Open the web app and select Customize & Setup.  You must be a claims administrator or higher to see this menu item.  Scroll down to Add/Remove Moisture Meters.

Next, we will want to add our first moisture meter.  Here is an example of a completed meter in the form.

3. Then simply keep clicking Add to create your remaining moisture meters until finished and your final screen will look something like this.

With the set up complete, here is how it will look for your field technicians when selecting a meter.

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