Adding custom documents to Encircle

We provide a service to allow any organization the ability to import their documents into Encircle with the following benefits:

  1. Forms are coded into the system so they work on both web and mobile
  2. Forms are automatically optimized for entering data while in the field.  Full support for voice to text.
  3. Forms allow organizations to track all of their paperwork inside the one file within Encircle so you don't lose documents ever again.
  4. Forms provide full support for signature capture and you can even use that with Link to capture signatures directly from policyholders.
  5. Forms provide managers with the ability to suggest and control workflow through out the app.

Our custom forms engine has two key components;


During the capture stage, the entire focus is on collecting data as easily and fast as possible.  Unlike paper forms where the questions asked must fit into the final product, with our capture step we can ask whatever questions we want.  This allows organizations with the ability to provide instructions and guidance along with their questions without cluttering the final report.


During the render step, we can completely customize the final look and feel of the document including hiding questions that didn't have any answers.  This enables us to provide a clean, easy to read final document (in PDF format) with only the necessary information.

If you are interested in learning more about importing your existing documents or designing new documents within Encircle, contact us at and we will gladly provide a free quote.  

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