Syncing is STUCK

One of Encircle's key features is that mobile users are able to work completely offline and the mobile app will automatically queue up changes while offline to synchronize those when the user comes back online.  One of the challenges with building offline support is that the system can change while the user was offline.  For example, a user could be removed from a claim/inspection/inventory or even deleted from the organization.  

To handle these situations, Encircle has built a robust system for syncing those changes and handling situations where the mobile client is running into trouble uploading changes.  

If you ever see the word "Stuck" on your mobile device in the syncing bar you should contact Encircle support ( or 1-888-937-1077 and follow the prompts for stuck sync) by providing the email address associated with the device that is stuck.

Most of the time we can resolve the issue immediately on our servers and allow you to start syncing again.  In certain situations, we need to perform a recovery mode to send all of the data from the device to our servers for manual loading.  But the device will never, ever, resolve a stuck issue entirely on its own.  It requires manual intervention.

It is critical that users DO NOT DELETE the app from their mobile device as that will lose any changes that were not synced to our servers.

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