How to send documents using Link

One of the biggest complaints we hear from our customers is how painful it is to collect signatures on those important documents - everything from work authorizations to proof of loss.  If you are using paper-based forms, you have a management nightmare tracking down each of the documents and ensuring they get signed.  If you are using Encircle's custom document feature, you need to have a tech on-site to walk the policyholder through the document and get their signature.

Using Link by Encircle can now capture electronic signatures for important documents without leaving your desk!  Now you can send documents to policyholders and have them sign through Link.  The policyholder doesn't have to download an app and everything is supported on their mobile device.  

How does it work?

If you have created a custom document with Encircle that includes a signature, you will be able to use the new Link feature automatically.  If you are interested in porting your existing paper or digital documents to Encircle, you can learn more about the process here.

Let's walk through an example Privacy Consent form for a property claim.  Note that this functionality works for inspections, auto claims and property claims.

Here are the key steps:

1. Generate Report - in our example we will create the Encircle - Privacy Consent document and fill out whatever details we want.

2. Click "Add" in the Policyholder section - we will send a Link to using the same process as before but this time we want to click Add in the documents section at the bottom.  We select our created Privacy Consent.

3. Now, the policyholder will receive an email or text messages asking them to add information to the claim within Encircle.  Here is an  example.

Once the user signs the document on their mobile device, your view on the desktop changes to provide a clear indication that the document was signed.  Here is an example of what it looks like.

We are excited to hear about your experiences using the new and improved Link!

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