How to use room templates

Note: We use the term "file" to represent a claim, inspection or inventory depending on your product.

A number of organizations using Encircle have created sophisticated mechanisms for managing their own internal workflow through the use of pre-named rooms for every single file.  These rooms can be used to remind field staff to perform certain actions.  Here are a number of common use cases that we have seen within the product:

(1) Name the room "Recommendations" to ask staff to define recommendations for next steps.   

(2) Your organization only performs roofing work so name your rooms based around the roof and it associated structural elements.

(3) You are using Encircle for something outside of the typical property concept (e.g. liability) such that you create rooms associated with your own terminology.

To support these use cases, we created a new feature allowing an organization to define their own custom room templates and then during file creation, you can simply select the appropriate room template.  This article will show you how to set up your own custom room template and how to use them.

Setting up your custom room template

1. Open up the web app ( and log into your account.  

2. Click Customize & Setup on the left hand side.  NOTE: To see this section you must be an organization administrator. Scroll down until you see the button for custom room templates.

3. Click Add / Remove Room Templates

4. You will see a default room template which you can edit.  The default room template contains one room called Exterior.  To create your own room template click Add.

5. Add your rooms and when finished click Add at the bottom and then hit Save.  

Creating a file using room templates

Now, when you create a file, you will have the ability to specify a room template to use as shown in the screenshot below.  You may also add more rooms as desired to complement the room template based on your specific needs for that claim.

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