How to move item photos to room photos

A common mistake for new users is accidentally capturing a number of room overview photos inside the items section.  This article will provide step by step instructions on how to add those item photos as room photos instead.

This is best done using the web app today.  So, log into on your desktop.  

Here are the steps:
1. Locate and open the claim
2. Locate the room where the photos are listed as items.
3. Click Edit then Edit Room Details on that room.
4. Click Select Existing Photo in the Overview Photos section.
5. Click off all of the photos that are items which you want to be overview photos now. 
6. Click save.
7. Delete all of the items that you no longer need.

To take overview photos in the future, rather than items, you need to click the Photos button twice in the room view.  That will launch the camera to start capturing room photos.

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