Introducing Encircle 3.6.0 - June 17, 2017


For simplicity, we use the word "file" to represent claim, inspection or inventory depending on your product.
Quick Summary
  • Completely new user interface for sharing within Encircle giving you full visibility into who can view a claim or inspection
  • Added support for new types of Encircle custom forms from equipment lists to inventory lists
  • Ability to search through all claims or inspections from the My Claims/Inspections inbox
  • Bug fixes too!

Sharing across organizations

We are excited to announce support for sharing with an entire organization!  In the past, you were required to explicitly share a file with every single person you wanted to have access.  Now, you can share a file with a single person in an organization and Encircle will automatically create a share with the organization itself.  This means that any administrator or user with self assign privileges will be able to access the claim.

To support these new capabilities, we have also revamped the sharing screens on mobile and web to show exactly who is shared on a claim.  It also allows full control over removing shares at the organization and user level.

Search anywhere for everything

One of the biggest complaints we heard when switching from Active/Archive to My Files/All Files is that users were required to switch from My Files to All Files to search through files.  Starting with this release, you can search in both All Files or My Files and it will automatically search through all of your files.  No more switching to another view just to search!

New Encircle forms capabilities

We have added the ability to add an infinite number of entries to an Encircle form as shown in the screenshot below.  It can be particularly useful for creating equipment lists or inventory lists alongside a signature from the policyholder.  If you are interested in learning more don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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