How to upload a file into Encircle

For many organizations, Encircle becomes a repository for all documents related to a claim so that your team can easily find all documentation in a single location.  Users know how to easily upload photos and videos but sometimes there is confusion about how to upload a file into Encircle.  

Encircle will accept any type of file, even ones that we don't understand, for your upload request.  It makes it simple and easy to keep all of your files in one location!

Here are step by step instructions:

Web App

  1. Log into the web app and locate the claim where you want to add a file.
  2. Click Upload Document on the main claim screen as shown in the image below and follow the prompts to select the file from your computer.

Mobile App

Similar to the web app, click on Documents and then Upload Document.  From there, follow the prompts for your specific operating system to upload a file.

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