How do I control how much space Encircle uses on my phone?

As users start to tell a visual story with Encircle, they are creating photos, videos, notes and sketches within the mobile app.  The mobile app will do its best to clear out data that is no longer needed on the device but will take several days just to ensure that no data is lost.  On some phones and tablets, this can cause problems where Encircle consumes a large amount of space on your device especially during catastrophic events when companies are handling a large number of claims.

In our October 2016 release, we launched a new feature where users can take control over how much space Encircle is consuming on their device.

Click the menu, then Settings and then Disk Utility brings you to this screen below that outlines how much space Encircle is consuming on your device and the ability to clear that data.

Clicking the grey bar at the top will show you an expanded pie chart of your disk usage.

The disk utility will NOT allow you to clear the data off your device is changes are still syncing since we do not want to lose any of your data.

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