Introducing Encircle 3.5.10 - March 27th, 2017


Quick Summary
Active and Archive have been replaced with My and All allowing users to have their own personal state of files. We have made significant performance improvements across the board and we now have full support for users to see files across multiple organizations.

We are very excited to share significant improvements to the Encircle solution for our users.  Dig in below to read about all of the improvements! To keep it easy to understand, I will use the word "file" to represent an inventory, inspection or claim.

Say goodbye to Archive

Based on significant customer feedback, we have replaced archiving a file across an entire organization with the ability for each user to indicate whether they are actively working on a file.  In the mobile and web inbox you will now see  My Files and All FilesMy Files will contain all of the files that have been shared with you - both pending and accepted.  All Files will contain all of the files within your organization that are visible to you, based on permissions.  At any point, an individual can leave a file by clicking the Leave File button without affecting anyone else in their organization.  All Files contains every file from your organization, including previously archived files, so that you can find everything in a single location.

For administrators, we are adding the ability for you to mark a file as open or closed in the web app.  This will modify the look of the web app All Files inbox so that you can clearly see which files are closed (greyed out) and which are still being actively worked on.  

Performance improvements

As mentioned in our February update, we were making performance of the overall Encircle solution a main priority.  For users with both huge and small file inboxes, you will notice a number of improvements.  We have reduced the overall amount of memory it takes to run Encircle which will dramatically decrease the number of crashes some users were experiencing.  We have sped up the time it takes to open a claim on both web and mobile. Overall, users should see a significant improvement when using Encircle on all platforms.

Multi-Level Organizations

We now have the ability to support organization structures within Encircle instead of each organization having to use a separate instance of Encircle.  For example, if you are an insurance company with separate claims and underwriting departments managers can be part of both departments and roll up your billing to a central organization.  For contractors who have multiple locations or franchise head offices we can allow you to connect your organizations together so that they can operate separately but management can view each operation.  It will simplify billing, allow you to share resources across your different companies and give you visibility into everything happening within Encircle.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at for how we can help. 

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