How to backup your data

We want you to feel peace of mind when storing your data within Encircle that it is both safe (no one can access it) and won't be lost.  However, for people who spend a lot of time creating their inventories, inspections or claims they sometimes want the extra comfort of making their own copy.  The best way to create a back up is to follow these two articles:

1. Generate an Encircle PDF Report

This will capture all of the photos, videos, notes, sketches and items within your file.  Once finished, simply download the file.

2. Download Photos and Videos

In the PDF above, we will automatically create links to the photos and videos from the report to our system within Encircle so you always have access to the high resolution media.  However, if you follow the steps in the article you can download the photos and videos to your computer too.

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