Minimizing Data Usage

As customers start to depend more and more on Encircle, there is a common concern about the amount of mobile data that is being used.  We have spent a lot of time and effort ensuring that we minimize the amount of data that is downloaded on the mobile device until it is needed by the user.

Downloading Data

For example, when you open a claim we download the following information to the device:

  • Brand information
  • Depreciation list
  • Disposition list
  • Structure information
  • Room information
  • Listing of photos (but not the actual photos)

We don't download any photos until you enter a room and start looking at photos.  The short rule is that we won't download photos until you look at them.  

If you want to force the device to download all of the data for a claim (e.g. you might be going into offline mode) then you should select the Sync Data menu item.  That will ensure that all active files you are working on will be fully synced to your device.

Uploading Data

Encircle will automatically compress data that is sent to our servers to minimize mobile data usage.  On average, photos will be 700KB with a max of 1.4MB.  Videos would be roughly 1MB per second of video taken.  Text and other related information is effectively negligible once it is compressed and sent to our servers.

Access to the network

Users have full control over how Encircle connects to and leverages the mobile network.  Users can select from one of three network modes:

  • Offline Mode - no access to the network at all
  • WiFi Only - will only access the WiFi network for sending and receiving data
  • WiFi and Mobile - will attempt to connect to WiFi first and then mobile if that isn't available

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