Encircle Claims merges with Encircle app

In order to reduce confusion as to what Encircle application to download we are discontinuing the stand alone Encircle Claims app from the iOS, Android and BlackBerry app stores. Going forward simply download the Encircle application from your respective app store and choose Encircle Claims from the list of options.    
As an Encircle Claims user how will I be impacted?
It is important for our customers to understand that ALL of your data is already in the Encircle cloud and nothing will be lost.  Users of Encircle Claims can switch over to using the Encircle app today.  This can be accomplished easily by following these simple steps:
1) Sync all changes and logout of Encircle Claims.
2) Download the Encircle app

3) Log into Encircle using your existing Encircle Claims account information
4) Delete the Encircle Claims app.
Next Steps
Here is the planned timeline for the transition:
-    Oct 25th - End of Life Notification
-    Nov 17th - Final Update to Encircle Claims
-    Dec 1st - Reminder for End of Life
-    Dec 31st - Encircle Claims is removed from the mobile stores
Remember - we’re here to help!

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to  contact us.  

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